200ml Spring hails come through these northeastern New Mexico mountains often. After the storms pass, in the rising steam, the collision of hot and cold, the world smells electric, bruised, on edge, alive. Hail came mid-may this year. Hail and wind. Walking through the woods the next day, the forest was carpeted in immature douglas fir cones. Beautiful, hilarious creations that look more closely related to a sea anemone than a pine cone. We picked some up from their soft landing in dislodged needles. It was perfect timing to also harvest a few spruce tips. Long steeped in honey and organic cane alcohol, this is the result. A forest concentration. Evergreen and spring hail in a bottle. Sip when you are exposed to a bunch of pathogens, when the weather changes, when you feel a cold coming on. Or when you want to transport to the forest. Try in cooking and baking like you would vanilla or almond extracts. Delicious in hot water with a little lemon. Try with gin and limoncello for an evergreen cocktail. Here's a lovely monograph on douglas fir by Renee A. Davis: http://reneeadavis.com/2013/02/04/materia-medica-pseudotsuga-menziesii-douglas-fir/*


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Ingredients: douglas fir immature cones, spruce tips, water, organic cane alcohol, honey

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